An added convenience for the residents of CIELO, Cielo Village is nestled among rolling hills at the entrance to CIELO. With an illuminated stone fountain as its centerpiece, the central piazza of Cielo Village sets an elegant tone for an experience that features a variety of distinguished tenants.

Shops, Dining & Services
Designed in the flavor of an Old Italian village, Cielo Village features a central gently shopping piazza complete with fountain and outdoor dining. The shops, dining and services are clustered around this central, European-style plaza, which serves as a central gathering place and focal point within the Rancho Santa Fe community.

Cielo Sales Information
(858) 756-1001

Shapouri & Associates
(858) 756-8340
RIA Ventures/Praxis Now
(858) 227-4971
Clearlight Capital Group
(858) 222-2385
Coronado Investments
(760) 804-6950
Rancho Cielo Estates, Ltd.
(858) 756-5667
UDC Luxury Homes

Cielo Terrazzo
Cielo Village Events & Cielo Bistro
Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection
(858) 756-5971
The Renaissance Companies
(858) 759-0445
Pacific Liposculpture/Pacific Cielo
Surgery Center & Medical Spa

(858) 756-5678